Dispose Your Christmas Tree Properly

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May 12, 2021

When your Christmas tree dies or is damaged beyond repair, you are faced with the decision of whether or not to either repair or have it discarded. This can be a daunting and stressful time and many people often find themselves wondering if they should even attempt to get rid of their Christmas tree. If you find yourself faced with this decision, take heart in the fact that it is not an impossible task. With the proper procedures and materials, you can make your tree safe for the holidays and take the stress out of disposal.

First, contact your local county solid waste department for a temporary dumpster. Since this is usually not an overnight procedure, this step should be done ahead of time so you have plenty of time to pack up your artificial tree and any other items that need to be hauled or disposed of. Since the dumpster will be filled with sawdust and other debris, you should be prepared to have it removed on the day specified by your county.

The next step in how to dispose of your Christmas trees is to remove the sawdust. Some people try to stack the boxes on top of one another, but this usually causes them to leak or collapse. If you want to ensure that your tree is properly disposed of, you should only stack one or two layers. Using a large box or other container that allows you to stack several smaller boxes side-by-side is a good idea. If you are going the route of artificial Christmas trees, you should also wear a mask, gloves, and safety glasses. This will help to prevent any chemicals from seeping into your yard waste stream.

Once you have your tree, the next step of how to dispose of it is to contact your county solid waste district. There, you will provide a list of the tree-cutting household members. A communication officer will come out and assess your situation. He or she will tell you how many Christmas trees you can have taken off your hands, as well as the cost of each individual tree, and any other regulations that may affect you.

If the tree is not cut down, you should still call the county solid waste district as soon as possible. You will need to provide them with the proper recycling information for your area. They will then send someone out to collect the tree. When you call to schedule the pickup, make sure you give them the correct address of the recycling center. It would also help if you had the address of the person who will be removing your tree.

Once your artificial Christmas trees are recycled, you may choose to donate them to a homeless shelter. This is an especially good idea, because many people will buy artificial Christmas trees in the run up to Christmas only to store them away when the Christmas rush has finished. Giving these artificial Christmas trees to the homeless shelter will ensure that they do not have to be without a Christmas tree for another year. In addition to providing the homeless shelter with artificial Christmas trees, they will also be able to use the extra decorations to spruce up their facilities.
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