Choosing the Right Dumpster Size for Your Project

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October 11, 2023

Assess the Type of Project

The first step in selecting the right dumpster size is to understand the nature of your project

Home Renovations

These typically produce mixed waste, including old furniture, fixtures, and construction debris.

Landscaping Projects

These generate green waste, such as tree branches, grass clippings, and soil.

Construction Sites

These produce heavy and bulky materials like concrete, drywall, and lumber.

Estimate the Volume of Waste

To get an idea of how much waste you'll produce, take stock of the materials involved and their quantities. You can:


For construction or renovation projects, measure the dimensions of items you plan to dispose of.


Estimate the volume of waste based on the number of rooms, square footage, or yardage for landscaping projects.

Consider Dumpster Sizes

Dumpster sizes vary, with common options including 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards. Here's how to match them with your project.

10 Yard Dumpster

Suitable for small-scale projects like cleaning out a garage or disposing of yard debris.

20 Yard Dumpster

Ideal for medium-sized projects, such as a kitchen renovation or moderate landscaping.

30 Yard Dumpster

Suitable for larger jobs like whole-home renovations or construction of a new home.

40 Yard Dumpster

Reserved for massive projects like demolitions or extensive commercial construction.

Account for Overfilling

It's crucial to resist the temptation to order a smaller dumpster to save money, as overfilling can lead to additional charges and safety hazards. If you're unsure about the size, it's often better to opt for the larger option or consult with your dumpster rental provider for guidance.

Plan for Accessibility

Consider the space where the dumpster will be placed. Ensure there's enough room for delivery and pickup. Be mindful of any obstacles like trees, power lines, or vehicles that might hinder placement.

Budget Wisely

Dumpster rental costs are influenced by size, rental duration, and location. Factor in your budget when selecting the appropriate size. Remember that paying a little more for a larger container can save you money in the long run by avoiding overage fees.

Consult Your Dumpster Provider

Don't hesitate to consult with your dumpster rental provider. They have expertise in matching the right size to your project's needs and can provide valuable guidance.

Choosing the right dumpster size is a crucial step in ensuring your project runs smoothly and efficiently. By accurately estimating your waste volume and considering the specific needs of your project, you can select the ideal dumpster size that saves you time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

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