Three Easy Ways to Lower the Cost of a Single-Day Dumpster Rent

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April 20, 2022

There are many variables that affect single day dumpster rental prices. Sometimes, you can negotiate a lower price for a one-day dumpster rental. Most customers appreciate any savings, as dumpsters can be expensive to rent.


A day rental dumpster is usually about the same price as renting it for a week. Below is the explanation. It's possible to rent by the day with a few simple strategies, even though it seems impossible.


How do single day dumpster rental rates work?

It can be useful to understand how rental agencies set their prices if you are trying to save money on a roll-off. This information will allow you to reduce your dumpster rental costs by reducing one or more cost factors.   Here are the details:
  • Transfer station or landfill dump fees. This is the largest portion of the pie. The fees charged vary depending on the landfill's charges. However, they are usually between $30 and $100 per ton.
  • Fuel costs. This is a significant expense, especially if the truck has to travel a long distance to your location.
  • Overhead expenses These include. This includes, but is not limited, to employee wages, maintenance/investment of equipment, licensing/government compliance and general business expenses.
  • Margin of profit. After all business expenses have been paid, the remainder of the rental fee is left.

Now that you're aware of the price tag at $400, how can you reduce it a bit? We'll be getting to that in a moment, but first some important advice.


“In most markets, a discount of $25-50 should not be considered unfair. For a shorter rental period, don't expect a discount of $75 to $100+.”


A 24-hour rental will not cost you the same as a seven-day rental. The cost factors shown above show that rental length does not affect the overall costs incurred by the dumpster company.


They'll continue to have the same landfill disposal fees, driving costs, and employee wages.


In some cases, a one-day rental may prove to be more profitable for the dumpster company. This could lead to a discount for you. A rental company might benefit from a faster turnaround if they have limited container inventory. We now have our first money-saving tip.


Tip 1: Keep it small   Sometimes, the "little guy", who can often offer the lowest rate for a one-day dumpster rental, is the best. Locally-owned dumpster rental companies usually have smaller inventories. They will appreciate a quick turnaround for drop-off and pick-up.


Larger haulers that have large inventories of containers (e.g. Waste Management don't have as many concerns about container selection so they might not be as eager to offer a deal for a one-day rental.


Tip #2: Rent midweek   Renting midweek can be a good option as rental companies are less busy on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. You're less likely than others to get a great deal on a dumpster rental during weekends.


You can book a Tuesday or Wednesday drop off and pick up day. This gives the rental company the assurance that the container will be available for weekend rushes. This is a benefit to the rental company and could lower your rates if it's mentioned when you call.


Tip #3: Use your location to negotiate   It's a great benefit for the dumpster company to be located near a transfer station or landfill. This means that they will be able to drive less. Dumpster rental companies are often faced with high fuel costs. If you can show them a way to save money on fuel, they will be more interested.


Dumpster companies often offer discounts based on the distance to their yard or nearest landfill. This discount can be requested when you call for a quote.


“When calling for quotes, don't forget to mention any of these tips. If you don't ask for it, you won't get any discount.”


The bottom line when trying to reduce residential dumpster rental costs, is to provide some value. This could be renting midweek instead, leveraging your location for fuel savings, or anything else. Locally owned and operated companies are more likely to offer discounts.

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