What You Should Know Before Building an In-Law Suite

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May 12, 2021

So, you have decided to build an in-law suite on the second anniversary of your wedding. The two-step process of researching a property and choosing a contractor can be daunting and time consuming. Many homeowners become discouraged at this point and will either decline the project altogether or proceed with caution. What you should know before building an in-law suite is that building the perfect addition to your home can be done without much effort if you follow a few basic guidelines.

First, when researching a property for potential development you should contact the homeowner and get information about how the property was built. What type of foundation is used? What materials were used? What kind of landscaping was done and if any drainage issues might affect your project?

Second, you should begin the second step of your research by contacting your local contractors. While most people tend to go with the first contractor that calls or emails them, it is important to shop around. While contacting different contractors can be time consuming, you will gain a better understanding of what each one offers and make a wiser decision on who to hire. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions or look at previous projects these professionals have handled. A contractor cannot help you if you are not willing to ask questions. At the same time, a contractor cannot help you if he/she does not listen to you.

Third, when selecting a dumpster for the job you will need to know what size dumpster you will need. Although most companies will recommend the largest dumpster they have, some require smaller quantities to be taken care of because of space considerations. The average in-law suite requires approximately three to four cubic yards of trash to be disposed of. You will also need to take into account any landscaping and pooling areas, as well as any storage requirements you may have for furniture pieces.

Fourth, once you have the dumpster delivered you should inspect it thoroughly for damages or any obvious flaws. Any cracks or signs of water damage should be noted. Once you have determined that the dumpster is functioning properly, you should proceed to the next step of the process which is to load the dumpster and place whatever items you wish to be picked up inside the dumpster. It is important to note that should you have more than one item being placed in the dumpster you will need to get multiple dumpsters to ensure that the project is completed. If you are unable to locate a provider who has dumpsters available for the project, you should consider renting one from a rental company.

The final step to what you should know before building an in-law suite is the most time-consuming and difficult part of the planning stage: actually assembling everything once everything is on the ground. This can take anything from one day to several days depending on what site you choose and how large the order is. It is crucial that all materials be gathered together before work begins in order to avoid delays or other unforeseen issues. If problems arise, you should call your provider and immediately begin taking measures to sort out what happened.

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