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Is It Okay To Place Dumpsters On The Street?

Posted On
April 16, 2021

When the street is running out of space, placing a dumpster along its side seems like the only suitable option. 

It would not be wrong to say that depending upon the project it might be the best and suitable choice.

A lot of cities in the country have permitted placing the dumpsters on the streets. However, there are certain rules and paperwork which are required to be completed first. 

The dumpster permit which is also known as “right of way permit ”, must be taken in advance.

Before approaching someone in the permit office, it’s advisable to carry following information with you: 

  • The information of the Dumpster rental company ( Name, Phone number, Address, etc.)
  • Address and the exact spot where the dumpster will be located.
  • Rental duration period.

Getting a permit has become easier these days. You can now obtain the permit for the dumpster on a phone or online. 

Now, the dumpster permit process differs from city to city, which is why,in order to avoid inconveniences in the rental procedure, it is extremely important that you understand the various rules and regulations for the city you are planning to work in. 

Some common permit rules, regulations and limitations:

Despite having a dumpster permit, you’re required to follow the rules. Some of the common rules are listed below:

Reflectors / signs, traffic cones must be placed in the front and back of the roll-off container. 

Placing the dumpster in front of the bus stops, no-loading spaces, valet areas, parking meters, fire hydrants and restricted areas is prohibited.

If the permit expires, don’t forget to remove the roll-off container from the location.

For big cities, it is mandatory to get the consent from the street department or similar departments before obtaining the dumpster permit. Philadelphia belongs to the list of such cities. It is likely that you’re asked to provide a layout or the sketch of the location where the dumpster will be placed. It is mandatory that the permit is visible at the dumpster site. If you’re a contractor, you may need a workman’s comp or a document proving your liability insurance proof. Complying with these rules and regulations will keep you away from paying the fines or the problems related to the city rental process.

What's next?

  • Look for a dumpster rental company near you. If you reside in Miami, Florida then approaching “Affordable Dumpster Rentals, LLC ” would be a right choice.
  • Feel free to ring at (305) 707-0978 to know more about your project. Also, you can email at [email protected] for general enquiries. 
  • Ask the provider whether or not your project requires a dumpster permit. It is possible that the rental provider helps you for getting one, in case you need any.
  • If your project falls in the category of obtaining the permit, go through the rules and regulations. If the guidelines indicate the necessity of purchasing things like traffic cones, layout of the dumpster site or any other requirements, get them. Next, proceed for the paperwork. As mentioned earlier, this can be done in person, on phone or online.
  • Rent a dumpster, if you haven’t booked already. Make sure that you’re available on the date when the dumpster will be dropped. 
  • Fill it up and don’t forget to haul it away before the permit expires. 

So, these were the basic guidelines one must be aware of, before placing a dumpster on the street side. 

Moreover, the guidelines also remain the same, in case you’re deciding to place the dumpster somewhere else. Say, any public area or commercial places, sidewalks etc. 

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